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You should know this story has NO VALUE WHAT-SO-EVER and is only for your amusement 😉Alright…I don’t care if you guys believe me … This is the the most embarassing thing that I’ve ever experienced… and I’m sharing it with you guys because I don’t want any of my misc brahs to have to go through this… t, but there was no way I could turn down this opportunity; it seemed like she was into me and this would be a great opportunity to get to know each other further. I really didn’t want to use her washroom because I didn’t want stink the place up… At this point the hot water I was using to try and dissolve my sh! After I was done I cleaned my ass off and flushed the toilet.

this is a classic story on how to completely screw up a date. and I also had to take a piss really badly (I had been holding that too since I didn’t bring my pee bottles with me to the date). I tried take the piss and crap at the same time, but my ass was too far out and this massive turd started flying out missing the bowl, landing partially on the back rim and partially on the floor. I hesitate for a bit and I try to explain myself “I tried my best … I then took some perfume from the counter and tossed into the bathtub to get rid of odour. I would have on sat on the can and then simultaneosly peed into the bottle and pooed into the toilet.

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